Agility I have recognize already as a little girl.  At the time was in our country this sport novelty. I tried a few trainings with a German shepherd Bor, who enjoyed a lot of in agility. Due to the large distance of training I had to give up agility at that time. Agility I tried again in 2009 in Větřkovice under the professional guidance of Lucka Dostálová. Bubba and Coffee enjoy agility very much. Bubba is attentive and focuses on the commands, is always ready with the taste. Coffee absolutely loves agility. When running is diligent and with the large drive jumps barriers but sometimes too impetuous. Agility is a huge adrenaline for her. I think Coffee could in this sport really excelled. For now we train agility only in the garden. Over time we'll see ..... it is possible that we will begin intensely devote AGI





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