News (2012 - část 1.)


Little Jiwi is looking for a loving family

The female is suitable for sports. We assume a short coat

Guahibo Jiwi Thiwahe


if interested, contact the owner


Mail:      Tel: +420 732 482 854


23/10/2018 Ety was born 6 beautiful healthy puppies. More info here


20.10. Club show KCHMPP (CZ)

HWT. Ch. Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe - Excellent 1  CAC


Rémi fulfilled the conditions for the title Champion of the Czech Republic and Champion of Ukraine


Congrats to the owner

7.10.2018 Herding sheep test Martinkovice (CZ)

HWT,MULTI CH. Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  

CS IHT1 - first place


Congratulations to the owner and thank you



Our Bubba celebrates its 10th birthday today

 we expect puppies

if interested, contact the owner

Mail:      Tel: +420 732 482 854

LA2 Delia Dream Thiwahe  - LA2-4th place/142!

5.8.2018 Border collie classic- agility




LA3 Baja Matape Thiwahe

8.9.2018  Dog show (FIN) Parainen RN



Ch.Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe - Excellent1, CAC , Club winner BOB

18.8.2018 Club show KCHMPP
Judge: Mgr. Naděžda Střalková, CZ


HWT. Ch. Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe 

stud dog 

please contact the owner for interest


HWT,MULTI CH.Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe

25.8. Interdog Bohemia

 Excellent.1, CAC

Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Ukraine


DNA test pr.glaukom - negativní


LA2 Delia Dream Thiwahe

3.6. Miacis cup - 3rd place exam LA2.

29.4.2018 jump qualification EOJ 2018 Prerov 3rd place,

next year Switzerland


A2 Calahari Etosha Thiwahe - qualification for EOJ 2018


HWT. Ch. Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe

26.5.2018 BCCCZ club show Litoměřice  

Excellent 2., res. CAC

5.5.2018  BCCSK club show (SK)

Excellent 1, CAC,  BOB  

Fort Rosalie Thiwahe  - Very good

Boca del Rio Thiwahe 

agility Boršice agility competition 1. place,        agility Rebels 1. místo



Falmouth Casco Thiwahe 

5.5.2018  BCCSK klub show (SK)  - Very good 1,

  Regional dog show Slavkov (CZ) - Excellent 1

LA3 Baja Matape Thiwahe





Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe

passed the NHAT (herding test)

passed the CT exam and intensively devoted to Canistherapy

Einaudi Miei Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Four Corners Navaho Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe

Club Champion BCCCZ



HWT. Ch. Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe

10.2. Nitra CACIB (SK)

Excellent 1,CAC, res. CACIB

 Champion Slovakia


Chovný pes více info Winyela

Amanita Navy Thiwahe

plan litter 2018


kennel Havliczech

Falmouth Casco Thiwahe





  Bay Awakee Thiwahe ,,Zoe,,





7.7.2017 Our litter "E" celebrated their first birthday. We wish everyone a healthy health and happiness.
Baja Matape Thiwahe ,,Pepper,,
Kotka INT 17.6.2017 (FIN)

The Border Collies main exhibition 25.5 2017 (FIN)

Bee Gees Thiwahe ,,Bee,,

National dog show Klatovy  (CZ) 1.7.2017

Excellent 3   (3/4)  Judge: Lawless Jean


Four Corners Navaho Thiwahe

Calahari Etosha Thiwahe


7.5.2017  Horní Suchá agility

Calahari Etosha Thiwahe 1st place  progress to A2

International dog show  NITRA (SK)

Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe - Excellent 1, CAC
Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe - Excellent 1, CAC 

Rémi fulfilled the conditions and became a SLOVAK JUNIOR CHAMPION


Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  - very good
Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe - Excellent 1, CAC

Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe

13.5.2017 Regional dog show Kozmice

Cohiba Mata Fina ThiwaheExcellent 1, Class winner


21.5.2017 International dog show  Rzeszow (PL)

Cohiba Mata Fina ThiwaheExcellent 1, CWC, res. Cacib  (1/6)




Happy Birthday  Lenny  4 years


Lenny and siblings wish you all the best

23.4.2017 International dog show Opole (PL)

Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe   Excelent2 , res.CACIB  intermedia (2/11)


28.4.2017 Our litter "E" celebrated their first birthday. We wish everyone a healthy health and happiness.

We thank the owners for their super care and loving homes.


29.4.2017  Načeštice tests on sheep herding

Ch.Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe  Herding Working Test

C.I.E. CH. J.CH. Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  Herding Working Test

Acatalaya fulfilled conditions for the title C.I.B.



29.4.2017  Regional dog show  Dětřichov (CZ)

Calahari Etosha Thiwahe  - Excellent1, Regional winner

Coraline Tadahiro Thiwahe   - Excellent 3


6.5.2017 International dog show  Lučenec (SK)

Fort Rosalie Thiwahe  - Very Promising 1

6.5.2017 ,,Hranické dvojzkoušky,,

Bay Awakee Thiwahe   1st place, passing the LA3 exam



8.4.2017 International dog show (Fin)



Baja Matape Thiwahe ,,Pepper,,  - Excellent 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB

8.4.2017 Národní výstava psů Ostrava (CZ)


Ch.Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe  - Excellent 2, res.CAC

Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe - Very good 4



2.4.2017 Narodní výstava Raciborz (PL)


Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe - Excellent 1,  CWC,  BOB



25.3.2017 Darrow Mississippi Thiwahe  ,,DOBBY,,


passed the exam  canistherapeutical CT



Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe his owner make a super team.

Devoted to sheep herding, dogdancing and other activities.

For more information, please visit here


Batavia Royal Thiwahe       Gonioscopy, Glaucoma - Clear

Calahari Etosha Thiwahe    Gonioscopy, Glaucoma - Clear   

Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe  Gonioscopy, Glaucoma - Clear


Four Corners Navaho Thiwahe   "GREY"



Batavia Royal Thiwahe

DKK 0/0

DLK 0/0

OCD 0/0


Boca Del Rio Thiwahe

DKK 1/1

DLK 0/0

OCD 0/0

Calahari Etosa Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Dolliver Indiana Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Spondyloza 0/0

Patella luxation 0/0


Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Spondyloza 0/0

Patella luxation 0/0


Delia Dream Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Spondyloza 0/0

Patella luxation 0/0


Darrow Mississippi Thiwahe

HD 0/0

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0

Spondyloza 0/0

Patella luxation 0/0

Dewey Arapaho Thiwahe

DKK 0/0

DLK 0/0

OCD finding/0

Spondyloza 0/0

Patella luxation 0/0

Dewey was injured with 6 months old - dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs and neck. The ocd was found on left shoulder but due to calm convalescence and quick recovery it is now completely healed.


Vrh ,,D,,

  4.2.2017 CACIB Brno

  Ch.Casanova Giacomo ThiwaheExcellent 1, CAC

  Crufts qualification 2018

  New Junior champion of Czech Republic


5.2.2017 CACIB Brno

  Ch. Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe - Excellent 3

  5.2.2017 CACIB Brno

  Falmouth Casco Thiwahe - Very promising 2


Our third litter,, D ,,'s first birthday.
All best wishes






Our thanks to owners Amanita for rearing and great care of our third litter.



Thiwahe family ...

Thank you very much for all the beautiful pictures.







Ch. Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe

28. 30.11 International dog show Zagreb (HR) 

3x Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB, CACIB 

Remi has fulfilled conditions became Croatian champion

Congratulation to owner


Amanita Navy Thiwahe


Dewey Arapaho Thiwahe


Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe


Caribou Manitoba Thiwahe


Emmel Arequipa Thiwahe

Eri Nanticoke Thiwahe




Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe

HD  0/0

ED  0/0

OCD  0/0

6.11 Inter. dog show  Bratislava (SK)

Excellent 1, CAJC , Crufts qualification 2017,

Best of Breed

5.11 Inter. dog show  Bratislava (SK)



5.11. Herding instinct test

Batavia Royal Thiwahe      - ZVOP

Calahari Etosha Thiwahe   - ZVOP

Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe - ZVOP



29.10  agility competition

Calahari Etosha Thiwahe  1st place


30.10. agility competition

Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe  3rd place



Many thanks and congratulations


All of litter ,, F,, are normal BAER

In late October, she left most of puppies litter,, F,, to their new homes. On this occasion he also met the majority of litter,, C,, It was a great  day for which thank you all .... especially hostess Carolina.



Our litter ,,E,,





Batavia Royal   ,,Ejvy,,  - DWD1 - Excellent

                                       MD1 - very good


Dewey Arapaho ,,Deví,,  - ZVOP

 Herding Instinct Test


15.10.2016 Club show KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav

Coraline Tadahiro ,,Cori,, -  Excellent

Casanova Giacomo ,,Rémi,, - Excellent 1, CAJC, Best of Juniors, Best of Breed, res. Best IN SHOW


Casanova Giacomo ,,Rémi,,  - ZVOP

Herding Instinct Test


Thiwahe family


Three blue merle dogs available


Four Corners Navaho Thiwahe        Famous Cherokee Thiwahe        Fist Chipewyan Thiwahe

If you are interested in a puppy please contact owner of females

tel: 732 686 883



4.9.2016  Regional dog show Louny (CZ)

Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe   - Very promising 1


our beloved litter ,, F,,


  If you are interested in a puppy please contact owner of females

tel: +420 732 686 883



Batavia Royal Thiwahe

dogdancing  F1 - Excellent


Club dog show BCCCZ



Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe  junior class - Excellent 1 CAJC


Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe junior class - Excellent 3


Club dog show BCCCZ



Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe  junipr class - Excellent


      27.8. with our Aky born 8 puppies. They all are doing well.
       If you are interested in a puppy contact owner Aky

tel: +420 732 686 883



 26.7.2016 Obedience trial in Heinola (Finland)


Baja Matape  ,,Pepper,,  - 177,5/200 points, prize1 and 2nd place


Congratulation to owner ... and thank you


,,Naudi ,,                                        ,, Big Mac ,,                                ,, Claire,,


                   ,,Eri,,                                          ,,Rocky,,



16.7. Agility   Bordovice


Amanita Navy Thiwahe ,,Manita,,  LA2   1st place


17.7. Roznov pod Radhostem 

Trojjumping Free sport  LA2  3rd place



16.7. Brnenske psi dny



Batavia Royal Thiwahe ,, Ejvy,,    1st place


16.7. Brnenske psi dny

 Agility Brnensky dracek


Bay Awakee Thiwahe ,,Zoe,,     1st place



All owners very congratulation and thank you .... we are very proud



Happy birthday litter ,, B,,



Our puppies grew up amazingly. All the time you have devoted to them. They were amazing two months full of milk sucking, biting, dragging, and socialization spree. Thank you all for welcoming visitors and often piles of gifts. These days have been all the puppies in their homes. We come from the owners of many reports and pictures for which many thanks.






11.6.  Agility   Bay Awakee Thiwahe

Cleanly LA1 - 2nd place


11.6.2016  National dog show Klatovy (Cz)

Bee Gees Thiwahe - excelent 1 CAC


Congratulation to owner and thank you


Our puppies are growing




Puppies raging and frolic ...... it's all just darlings.






Sportingfields & Pride

21.5 International dog show Montenegro

 Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Best Of Group 3

22.5. Excellent 1, CAC,CACIB,BOB

Morty he fulfilled conditions for the title Interchampion

Champion of Montenegro

GrandChampion Montenegro

Baja Matape Thiwahe

21.5 International dog show Finland

Excellent 1, CAC, res CACIB

Bee Gees Thiwahe

21.5.2016  Regional dog show Plzen

Excellent 1, Class Winner, Regional Winner and 3rd Best of group 

Dayo Banaiti Thiwahe

22.5. Regional dog show Horni Pocernice

very promising 1


All owners Congratulations and many thanks 



7.5.  Special club show BCCCZ   Litomerice

Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe -  Very Promising  2

Ch. Sportingfields & Pride -   Excellent 4

Bee Gees Thiwahe -   Excellent  3


7.5.  Slezská Regional dog show Hlucín


Batavia Royal Thiwahe -   Excellent  2

Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe -   Very Promising  1



Puppies are growing nicely. Slowly open the eyes and make the first steps.
All have their name


Agility Prerov

Bay Awakee  ,,Zoe,,

fulfilled two exams A1 (2nd and 3rd place)


owners congratulations and thank you



Our puppies grow before his eyes ... now have a week.

Every Wednesday and Sunday you can watch online broadcasts  HERE




All puppies are reserved


International dog show Praha

Bee Gees Thiwahe  - Excellent 2,  res. CAC


Congratulations and thanks to owner


Puppies are doing well.

More info here

I would like to thank everyone who supported us

...... thank you



Coffe 62 days pregnancy



Happy Birthday

 Lenny  3 years

Lenny and siblings wish you all the best



Coffee  56  days of pregnancy



Our puppies

,,Avy,,                              ,,Zoe,,                                   ,,Cari,,                                ,,Maui,,


     ,,Etý,,                              ,,Koko,,                             ,,Kaif,,                           ,,Deví,,


,,Indi,,                        ,,Dayo,,                          ,,Drím,,           


Owners thank you very much for your beautiful photos


National dog show  Ostrava (CZ)


Baby class (6)

  Coraline Tadahiro Thiwahe  very promising 2
  Cohiba Mata Fina Thiwahe  very promising  1
  Calahari Etosha Thiwahe  very promising  4


Intermediate class (6)

 Batavia Royal Thiwahe  Excellent 3 


Owners big congratulations


       Bee Gees Thiwahe


HD   0/0

ED   0/0

OCD   0/0 


MVD.r. Ekr


C.I.E. CH. J.CH.

Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe


      HD    1/1 Fair

ED   0/0

  OCD   0/0 




                         Aky fulfilled the conditions and became an international champion of beauty

                                               To owners very congratulation and thanks.



On Monday he arrived in his new home also Darrow Mississippi ,, Kaif,, 
Kaif wish happy moments with your family.


Litter,, A,, celebrates 4th birthday

Congratulation to our loved ones and wish you good health and many other beautiful days and satisfaction. We also thank the owners for their excellent care and loving homes.



Coffe is pregnant.

Expected date of birth is the end of April.



The time had come, and our puppies from the litter,, D ,, left for their new homes.

Puppies wish you much health, luck and a long  beautiful life in loving families. Also new owners .... wish you the happiest moments of our puppies.





Our Multi ch. Coffe Princess celebrated its 7th birthday

Coffee and siblings wish you all the best


Our amazing Batavia Royal ,, Ejvy,,  first

dogdancing show - Evening Ball

Owner Thank you very much.

The puppies are 7 weeks




Our amazing puppies from the litter D





Future owners to visit .....  They all are alive and kicking ... cavort merrily.




Today, they have puppies from a litter ,, C,, 6 months

foto  Calahari Etosha

Video of litter,, D ,, ... 3 weeks



Sad news came recently from the owner of our Amanita. Red merle dog lost three days after birth sucking reflex. Unfortunately, he lost his fight for life ... I am so sorry






Baja Matape Thiwahe  ,, Pepper,,


Hipscore A/A

 Elbowscore 0/0 

Patella luxation clear  

Shoulders clear

 Spondylosis clear



Owner congratulations and thank you very much



Litter  ,, D,,



Yesterday our Amanita birth to 6 puppies

More info here




 Amanitka 58 days of pregnancy



We thank the owners of our puppies for beautiful pictures


,,Apocalypto + Lionheart,,                 ,,Ataya,,            ,,Acatalaya + Casanova + Sportingfields,,       ,,Aibitibi,,           ,,Boca del Rio,,


,,Bay,,                         ,,Bee Gees,,                  ,,Bosque,,                       ,,Batavia,,                                           ,,Baja,,           


,,Caribou + Catalaya,,                             ,,Calahari,,                                                    ,,Coco,,                                ,,Cedar,,               




We wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



5.12. Amanita is pregnant

In mid-January we can look forward to the puppies.

info here


                            Catalaya Maui                                         Caribou Manitoba




Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe



Cashabowie Ontario Thiwahe



 "Bubba celebrated her 7th birthday. Wish you all the best Bubba and your siblings."


I am glad that we have managed to find for our "C" litter great owners who will provide excellent care for our puppies and loving homes as well. Thank you all very much and wish you good luck in a future.



Bay Awakee  -  ,,Zoe,,

HD - 0/0

ED - 0/0

OCD - clear/clear

Spondylosis - clear

Patella luxation - 0/0

Big congratulations to owner




12.9. International Dog ShowOsijek (HR)

J.Ch. Ch. Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe "Bibush"  Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB , BOB  , 5th place  BOG

                                 Aibitibi has fulfilled the conditions and became the Croatian champion

                                                       Owner very congratulations and thank you.




                               Puppies are growing. They all undergo a rigorous socialization program.

                                                             If interested, please contact us.


30.8. National dog show Stapar (SRB)
Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe  -  Excellent 1, CAC , BOB  and  BOG 2
is now Serbian Champion.

Owner very congratulations


Puppies are almost a month. All nicely grow and frolic.





               Puppies are full of life, all of them are slowly opening their eyes and try the first steps.


                         Caribou Manitoba                     Casanova Giacomo                         Cashabowie Ontario


Coco Bahia                            Coraline Tadahiro                        Cedar Nanaimo


Catalaya Maui                            Calahari Etosha                        Cohiba Mata Fina



If interested contact owner external litter


                                                                     mobil: +420 732 686 883


                                    Yesterday afternoon, our Aky and Vito gave birth to 9 puppies.

                                                    More information can be found here

                                    Thanks for the pics (c) Iveta Machatá


Battle Assiniboia Thiwahe ,,Enzo,,





J.Ch. Aibitibi Quebec



As celebrated puppies from litter,, B,,



Thank you very much to all for your beautiful photos


Happy Birthday litter ,, B,,


International Dog Show Velká Ida (SK)


J.CH.CH Acatalaya Noble

4.7. Excellent 2, Res. CAC

5.7.  Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB   best female, BOB best of breed


Aky fulfilled conditions for International Champion C.I.B.


Brno dog days



Bay Awakee   1st place


Dog show

Boca Del Rio 2nd place

Bay Awakee




20.6. National dog show Klatovy

Bee Gees  -  Excellent 3



10.6 "Our Multi ch. Acatalaya was mated beautiful Multi ch. Borderquard One Hundred Percent




13.6. Regional dog show Namest na Hane (CZ)

Boca Del Rio  junior classe  - Very good 1

Bay Awakee   junior classe   Excellent 1


11.6.  Agility competition

Boca Del Rio -  1st place



Baja ,, Pepper,, on show in Finland

7.6. Mynämäki Group Show for groups 1 & 9.
Baja Matape  - junior class  JUN EXC 1


14.6 is the father of our litter,, A,, Multi. ch. At Soul Almighty Pic Pokey

He became a world winner at the prestigious World dog show in Milan, Italy.

Owner very congratulations



Amanita Navy is not pregnant. Mating will be repeated in the autumn.

J.CH,CH. Acatalaya Noble began period. Soon we'll go on mating for Vito.



30.5. International dog show Ada (SRB)

J.Ch. Aibitibi Quebec  - Excellent 2, res. CAC


30.5 National dog show Mol (SRB)

J.Ch. Aibitibi Quebec  - Excellent 2, res. CAC


31.5. National dog show Coka (SRB)

J.Ch. Aibitibi Quebec  - Excellent 1,  CAC,  BEST OF BREED


31.5. Agility competition

Boca Del Rio - 3rd place


4.6. Amanita Navy with the owner Adel show session for elementary Vikyrovice



We thank all the owners and congratulations




17.5. Dogdancing exams  Prostejov (CZ)

Amanita Navy Thiwahe  - Excellent  DWD 1



14.5. Dog show  Pyhtää (Fin)

Baja Matape ,,Peper,,  - PUN1  BIS3



Big congratulations to owners


9.5. National dog show  Kd Panonija Apatin (SRB)

Aibitibi Quebec - Excellent 1, CAC


9.5. Agility competition Ondřejov

Boca Del Rio  1st place


9.5. XX Slezská dog show

Battle Assiniboia - Excellent 2

Batavia Royal - Excellent 2

9.5. National dog show Lučenec (SK)   Bee Gees - Excellent 2
10.5. International dog show  (SK) Bee Gees  - Excellent 2 


We have mated more info here


Agility competitions Blansko (CZ)


Bay Awakee   1st place Acatalaya Noble

fulfilled conditions for the Champion of Poland



  Lenny today celebrates 2nd birthday

  ... Lenny and siblings wish you all the best


11.4.2015 National dog show Ostrava (CZ)

Battle Assiniboia  - Very good

Bee Gees - Excellent 2

Bay Awakee - Excellent 4


Congratulations to the owners for beautiful results and thank you for a great day.


6.4. Agility competitions Praha (CZ)

Bay Awakee - 4th place

Bee Gees - 5th place

Boca del Rio - disk.



7.3. International dog show Zielona Góra (PL) Acatalaya Noble  - Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB


4.4 Agility competitions(CZ)

Boca Del Rio  - 3rd place


14.3. Regional dog show Vyskov (CZ)

                            Boca Del Rio  - Very promising 1


All owners Congratulations and thank you.




Happy third Birthday,, A,, Thiwahe  ....

we wish good health, happiness and a lot of beautiful days with your loving families ...... And families are still many, many beautiful days with your very ,,A,, amazing litter.








Coffe Happy Birthday

6 years

Baja Matape Thiwahe ,, Pepper,,


Battle Assiniboia Thiwahe ,,Enzo,,



J.Ch. Ch. Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  ,,Aky,,


Bay Awakee Thiwahe  ,,Zoe,,



7. 2. DuoCACIB International dog show Brno (CZ)


Bosque Albuquerque Thiwahe - Very promising 3

Bee Gees Thiwahe  - Promising


 8. 2. DuoCACIB International dog show Brno (CZ)

Bee Gees Thiwahe  - Very promising 2

Boca Del Rio  - Very promising 3



Thanks and congratulations to owners



Amanita Navy Thiwahe  ,,Manita,,                  Ch.  J.Ch. Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  ,, Aky,,


Both females are breeding. Congratulations to owners.

During this year, we plan to both females puppies.



10.1. Dog show Helsinky (FIN)

Baja Matape  -  puppy class   Excellent 1, BOB puppy

Big congratulations and thanks to owner



   11.1 Agility Kozlovice (CZ)


   Boca Del Rio - Category puppies 3rd place

   Bay Awakee  - Category puppies 4th place




                             Also came for competitions Battle Assiniboia,,,, Enzo and Batavia Royal,,,, Ejvy
                             Congratulations to wonderful results and thank you for the amazingly nice day.



,,Enzo,,                                                ,,Ejvy,,


                                                            3.1. Hanacka National Dog Show Brno (CZ)



Bee Gees      -  baby class    Very promising  2

 Boca Del Rio  -  baby class    Very promising  1





  Bay Awakee  - baby class    Very promising 2







Our puppies from litter ,, B,, for the first time on the show. Many thanks to all owners of our puppies for amazingly nice day.





2.12.2014                                         Aibitibi Quebec ,,Bibush,, Bordertreowe

Ataya Wild ,,Avy,,                        Apache Way ,,Jake,,                      Acatalaya Noble ,,Aky,,

               Bay Awakee ,,Zoe,,         Bee Gees ,,Bee,,     Bosque Albuquerque ,,Bosque,,

   Boca Del Rio ,,Rio,,                Baja Matape ,,Pepper,,

All owners many thanks for the lovely photos


                                     Cindy z Jasmínových hor         C.I.B. C.I.E Coffe Princess z Jasmínových hor

              Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe         C.I.B. C.I.E Coffe Princess z Jasmínových hor

                          Coffe,   Boca Del Rio Thiwahe,  Bay Awakee Thiwahe , Batavia Royal Thiwahe



The kennel Bordertreowe with our Jch.Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe
  yesterday born 4 beautiful girls. Owner congratulations  

more info here



1.11. International dog show Prague Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  - Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB

2.11. International dog show Prague Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe  - Excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB



23.10. European Dog Show   Brno (CZ) Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe - Excellent 3 in competition of 13 females


On the weekend we visited Rio and Bosque. Both boys are in new homes are excellent.
  For great care owners  thank you very much.


11.10. International dog show Komarom (HU) Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe - Excellent 1, CAC

12.10. international dog show Komarom (HU) Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe - Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB


For the first time in sheep  Battle Assiniboia Thiwahe ,,Enzo,,



11.10. Races in herding sheep  Budišov nad Budišovkou (CZ) Coffe Princess z Jasmínových hor  -  IHT 1  65 points



Our Bubba celebrated 6 birthdays


         On the weekend we visited Battle,  Batavia and Bay
           Thank you very much owners


Battle Assiniboia Thiwahe ,,Enzo,,



Our,, B,, children in new homes


owners to Many thanks for photos


Sometimes its more than hard to say goodbye ....

Today we left for our last little girl.

Baja will live with his owner in Finland.



21.9. Day of dogs in the castle - Stary Jicin (CZ)

In the competition for the most beautiful dog,, our,,,,Ejvy,,(Batavia Royal) won 2nd place out of 54 competitors.

The first victory of congratulation to the owners.


21.9. unofficial competition in herding  WALLACHIA OPEN  Trial 1


C.I.E. Coffe Princess z Jasmínových hor

 Trial 1 -  75 points    Judge Ing. Martin Kosa

   Trial 2 - 61 points     Judge Ing. Radko Loučka


Beatrice Cinderella´s Ranch  2x Disk


We visit our ,,Ejvy,, Batavia Royal.

On Sunday we visited the Bay Awakee and  Batavia Royal.   Owners thank you for your visit and wonderful gifts.


The time is fulfilled, and I had to say goodbye.

Thanks to all owners of our puppies for excellent care a loving home that our dear children provide.
Thank you ....... with love Thiwahe.

some time with us will ,,Baja,, to fill empty time ..... before we say goodbye with her.



On Sunday we visited the father of litter ,,B,, Nico (Ch. Shot of Love Coleen)

Thank you for Alicja and Artur fine afternoon.


Apocalypto Yucatan Thiwahe

Lionheart Seta Del Oro


Owner thank you for the videos


We spent several days at the cottage ....


Puppies are undergoing thorough socialization


The puppies are 6 weeks old.

They have been wormed, vaccinated and chipped.


Amazing visit owners litter ,, A,,
Thank you very much to all of you.




5 weeks



Puppies are 4 weeks old. They were wormed again


Municipal festivities Lubojaty (CZ) a demonstration of agility -  Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe and Karol



puppy socialization


puppies are 3 weeks old






4. Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs National Show Legnickie Pole (PL)

Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe- Excellent 1, CWC, Best bitch, Best of Breed, Best of Group 3



Puppies are now undergoing its first personal the animal health check and worming. We all grow nicely.








                    Bosque Albuquerque Thiwahe                              Batavia Royal Thiwahe                           



Battle Assiniboia Thiwahe                                   Boca Del Rio Thiwahe



Bee Gees Thiwahe                             Baja Matape Thiwahe    



Bay Awakee Thiwahe




Early this morning our Coffe and Nico gave birth to 7 puppiesMore info here




29.6. agility exam  Podhorské dvojzkoušky(CZ)

Amanita Navy Thiwahe - 3rd place  exam LA2




New photos  Year 2013



Happy birthday

Milo  9 years



 Coffe 50 days of pregnancy



7.6. Agility Miacis cup Šumperk (CZ)  Amanita Navy Thiwahe LA2  1st place

Big congrats




Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe



17.5. Regional dog show HK (CZ)

Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe - Excellent 1, Winner clase, Regional winner



Amanita Navy Thiwahe (25 months) - Agility Havlovice (CZ) first category LA2  2nd place
Big congrats to owner Adell




Apache Way Thiwahe  

                                                                                                                                                                3.5.  competition obedience 1st
agility competition ,,o perníkového krále" 2nd
Dog Show Zlin (CZ) - Excellent + special price judge

Amanita Navy Thiwahe

4.5. agility competition LA1 2nd

Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe 

3.5. International dog show Prague (CZ)                                       Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB Best female                                                          Crufts qualification 2015

4.5.  IX. Special National Dog Show of British Shepherd Dogs – Swierklaniec (PL) - Excellent 1 CWC

Big congratulations. Thank you very much owners.
I am very proud of you



Animotherapy and dogdancing in

Elementary school Lubojaty



19.4. International dog show Odzaci (SRB)


Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe
Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB nejlepší fena,

BEST OF BREED nejlepší z plemene

20.4. agility competition Brno (CZ)


Amanita Navy Thiwahe

  2nd place   LA1


Lionheart Seta del Oro

Happy Birthday Lenny

Apocalypto Yucatan Thiwahe



ED 0/0

OCD free


 Amanita Navy


Junior Czech Republic 2013  - Amanita Navy Thiwahe  with his owner one place.



23.3. Tesanky(CZ) Official agility LA1 -  Amanita Navy Thiwahe  5th

Congratulations and thank you to owner.




Coffe Happy 5th birthday



23.2. International dog show Brno  (CZ)

J.Ch, CH. Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe - Excellent 1, CAC


Apache Way Thiwahe


The kennel Carwera still have beautiful puppies available

more info HERE


19.2. 2014

The kennel BorderTreowe  planning puppies Quebec Thiwahe

 more info  ZDE




Apache Way Thiwahe -  HD 0/0,  ED 0/0,




International dog show Trencin (SK) Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe

Excellent 1, CAC,  res.CACIB


Aky fulfilled conditions for the title Slovakian champion!


Big congratulations to owner



Apocalypto Yucatan Thiwahe



Lionheart Seta del Oro




Aibitibi Quebec Thiwahe  -   HD 0/0,  ED 0/0,  OCD clear

Gonioscopy, Glaucoma - clear



















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