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I love animals and nature since childhood. I grew up in the suburbs of the town, full of green parks, fields and trees. All the free days I have spent with my parents in the foothills of Jeseníky where they built the house for recreation.

My first animal that we had was a cat. It was when I was four years old. The next animal was a hamster, small fishes and a dog .... our loved crossbreed Rony.


Dogs in my heart won the first place, I always admired them as well as the father of wolf.

Our little handicapped dog was not enough for me and so I walked, trained and took care of many other dogs, for which their misters did not have so much time...Childhood I spent in nature, with dogs. And while other kids have played I was running in training center. I had the chance to know different breeds of dogs and I had learned a lot from them...


Every dog that we get, becomes a member of our family, we would never get rid of our pet. I love my dogs beyond limits and I am thankful for every day that I can spend at their side. For every morning waking up by cold noses, for every shaking a tail , for every smile that they donate to me. For giving paw and grateful licking. And...the warming look for good night. Although it sometimes seems like an eternity, as we're together, I'm never ready to leave me. Each dog was and is unique and each has the great piece of place in my heart.

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