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For each of us is in life important  something else. Someone loves property, other travel, somebody live for career and for others are the most important friends...I already had a lot of friends since childhood. The most sincere of all were always the dogs...The dog does not have so many bad qualities as the people have. His life is simple and modest. The dog does not need fast cars, big houses or designer clothes. Small stick is more than enough. The dog doesn´t mind if you're rich, poor, clever, stupid...Give him your heart and he will give you his. For how many people you can say this...How many people can do, to make you feel happy. How many people can do, to make you feel special.


Since 2009 I am a member of the club Border Collies - BCCCZ.

In the same year was founded also our kennel, which is registered by the CMKU   FCI .

The aim is that our dogs lived a wonderful life full of activities that we enjoy together and that creates the strongest bond between us. We live side by side with our wonderful dogs and care for them with love, we are THIWAHE.


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