Our dogs


Our dogs live with us in the house in constant contact. We give to them special attention. Also the best veterinary care. We feed our dogs high quality super premium food Taste of the Wild. During the life indulging them also additional care as nutrition joints, salmon oil for hair and nails. Snacks are selected mainly in the form of dried meat and other treats .... mostly natural character. Our dogs have a lot of toys. Toys we change over time due to the attractiveness and higher interest. We do not use rubber toys! Due to the high levels of toxins. We use fun toys motivating, developing, that help to keep their minds sharp and playful. Dogs have always opportunity to spend the day at home and in the garden. Several times a day we go for a walk. Dogs travel with us to the store (to which are dogs allowed) for various events (markets, fairs, nursing home, kindergarten and others) also travel with us on trips and holidays. Intensively we training and doing dog sports. The result of our work will close after time the exam that is a kind of a certificate from the activity. We participate in various races, competitions and exhibitions.

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