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Beatrice Cinderella's ranch 


Sex: female   

Color : Blue merle

Born: 2.10. 2008

Hipscore: A/B

Elbowscore:  A/A

CEA, PRA, Glaukom  - Clear 9/2009

CEA DNA - normal by parents


Congenital defect  (ectopic ureter

It will not be used for breeding



Winner junior class

Very promising3

Excellent 1 

2 x Excellent

Very good 4 

2 x Very good                                                             


Herding -Herding instinkt test, 

              Herding workong test


Test work - ZZO, BH, ZOP

                 ZPU 1, FPr 1



First place obstacle course - ZKO Svinov,

First ZZO place race - ZKO Svinov

Third place running on time - ZKO Svinov









About Bubba                                                                                                                           

Bubba had no easy start in life. Just after that we have brought her to home, unpleasant surprise awaited us. Bubbinka without the knowing spontaneously wet oneself. Additionally, she was very frightened. At the age of 9 weeks she growled at people and was afraid of utterly ordinary things. Her wet oneself were still escalated. After a thorough veterinary examination was discovered in her hereditary congenital defect Ectopic ureter. After a difficult surgery and long treatment Bubbuška finally almost healed. Even in her shyness we have worked hard and with the assistance of experts this problem has been improved a lot.




Bubba is a cheerful and curious Border Collie. She loves balls of all sizes. Otherwise, she is universally active. Just like Milo she hates cats and she likes to chase them, if they run away from her. She likes swimming, diving, chewing sticks and stones. She likes very much also the herding, either sheep or chickens and pigeons. She is always like first in the by car she will definitely not miss. Bubuška is absolute gourmet, likes eating and carefully enjoying everything.

Because of her hereditary defect and the unbalanced character she will never be used in breeding.






Mother: Qatma Bohemia Alké Father: I'm Just Yours Gasko Prim


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